Flowers 4 the Float

The Nurses' Float
Celebrate and Honor All Nurses
at the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade®

The Nurses' Float Lives On

After seeing the Nurses' Float during the 2013 Rose Parade, a viewer contacted Monica Weisbrich, President of Bare Root, Inc. asking what we were going to do with the animals. That question has taken the Nurses' Float on a post-parade journey that we never anticipated. Monica met with several people from Emerson Avenue Community Garden project and our builder Chris Lofthouse from Phoenix Decorating Co. and after a few months some of our "animals" got a new home.

The pictures show moving day when they left the Rose Palace where they were built and their journey to their new home, located in Westchester, CA which is near LAX.  We also have some pictures shortly after they arrived at Emerson Avenue Community Garden.

They are not all placed in their permanent positions yet, but as the Community Garden gets more established, our baby deer, turtles, squirrels, frog, birds and butterflies will be placed where they will inspire and entertain those who participate in the Community Garden.

The Nurses' Float will live on in perpetuity.  As the materials used to decorate the animals for the float fade away, the remaining structures will make great topiaries. 

If you would like to visit "our" animals you can visit the garden web site for that information.


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