Flowers 4 the Float

The Nurses' Float
Celebrate and Honor All Nurses
at the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade®

Meet the Nurses & Other Special Persons Who Are Celebrated & Honored

Nurses listed in Memoriam are found further down on this page

Nurses and Others Honored

Conchita BallonGladys Perez has donated "in honor of my mother, Conchita L. Ballon, RN who is now in her 48th year of nursing. She is a remarkable lady, an amazing nurse, a wonderful mother and grandmother. She has inspired me to be the best that I can be. I became a nurse because of her, and she has been my biggest cheeleader I love you Mom!"



Pink Parfait RoseMatt Pawlikowski has donated "to honor one of university hospital of cleveland's best, Noel Latham. You do make a different each day!"


Friendship RoseNancy & Chuck Murphy have donated "to honor Gayle King Sarlatte for her commitment and devotion to her nursing career."


Folklore RoseLinda Housden has BOUGHT 3 ROSES "to honor Rev Linda Housden, RN; Sandy Jones, LVN, and Delio Perez, RN."


Sterling RoseMariette Young has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of Norma R. Small PhD, CRNP. After a distinguished career in the Army Nurse Corps, Norma initiated the first graduate program in Parish Nursing when she was Dean for Graduate Studies at Georgetown University School of Nursing. She was instrumental in having Faith Community Nursing (formerly called Parish Nursing) designated as a Nursing Specialty by the ANA. In her retirement, Norma remains active in the Health Ministries Association of which she is a charter member. I am so grateful and blessed to have been her student!"


Pink Parfait RoseYvonne Olive has BOUGHT 7 ROSES "for Katharina Schuetz, Joan Porter, Esther Hanners, Carol Caddell, Yvonne Olive, Victoria Richardson, Deborah Barrett."


Friendship RoseFrances Vlasses has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of Dr. Karen Egenes in recognition of her leadership and commitment to preserving nursing history."


Folklore RoseJulie Anne Keen has donated "I am thrilled that nurses have been honored with a float in the 124th Rose Parade. What a terrific way to salute those who care for others. Thank you!"


Sterling RoseDeborah Thames has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "in honor of the CVICU Staff at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA-a delightful and intelligent group of nurses that demonstrate on a daily basis what it takes to provide exceptional nursing care for the sickest of the sick."
"In honor of Rose Barron Wilson and Martha Barron Tidwell-two inspirational nurses and my wonderful aunts!"


Pink Parfait RoseMaura Kenney has BOUGHT 4 ROSES "Dedicated to all St Vincents Alumnae, and especially my mother, Sheila Kenny RN who encouraged me to become a nurse. A special call out to all the wonderful Nurses at Saratoga Hospital, with whom I have the honor of working as a per-diem Supervisor-they inspire me as they care for patients and remind me what Nursing is all about. Lastly, to all my informatics friends, collegues, and customers who dedicate their Nursing careers to improving patient care thru the use of technology-it all matters."


Friendship RoseMaureen Berry has BOUGHT A ROSE "thank you for honoring nurses. I am proud to be an Emergency Department nurse at the only Level 1 Trauma Center in OC. God Bless!"


Folklore RoseMarcus Engel has BOUGHT A ROSE "celebrating my beautiful aunt Elaine Slater!" 


Sterling RoseTina Aluzzi has BOUGHT A ROSE "proud and honored to be a nurse. Awesome to have been a part of history to have helped decorate the float in person."


Pink Parfait RoseKrisanne Kremer has BOUGHT 1 ROSE "to recognize Jeanne Egusa RN, the best Nurse Manager a nurse could have for 20 years. You are my friend and my trustee colleague in all things who will NEVeR lose that "love and feeling."
What would they say now?"


Friendship RoseDeb Murphy has BOUGHT A ROSE  "it is difficult to find words to express how much we love and respect our sister, Lynn Von Schlieder, but feel this donation rose honors her for the beautiful ROSE she is."  Sharon, Paula, Eileen, and Deb.


Folklore RoseMargaret Engle has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor my family of 4 nurses, Shelley, Kristine, Schuyler, & Isela."


Sterling RoseDebra Roditski has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of all my colleagues at Care One @ Wellington Hall who have truly created a "Healing Place. Thank you!"


Lehigh Valley NursesKim Hitchings has donated "in honor of all nurses at Lehigh Valley Health Network, Allentown, PA. They have been Magnet nurses since 2002!"


Friendship RoseJeanne Hansen has BOUGHT A ROSE "this Rose is dedicated to all the Red Cross Nurses I work with in San Diego,Ca. In recognition of the many hours of caring and compassion not only in San Diego but where ever they are deployed. A special thank you to our leader Pat Bull who keeps us informed and ready for any disaster." 


Folklore RoseTeresa Wachs has BOUGHT A ROSE "in celebration of the Gastroneterology Nurses at Seattle Childrens Hospital!"


Sterling RoseMarly Hansen has BOUGHT A ROSE "it's a privilege to honor Amy Hooper, RN, MBA for her honesty, integrity and phenomenal clinical and leadership skills. The best!"


Pink Parfait RoseDianne Wash has BOUGHT 1 ROSE "for Dianne Wash." 


Friendship RoseJames Kohm has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor Debbie Kohm as a caring person, she's a great nurse, mother, wife and even sister-in-law!"


Folklore RoseRaechel Schowalter has BOUGHT A ROSE "for Sarah Pertle, ONS & Hospice RN and for Raechel Schowalter, Cardiovascular Specialist RN."


Sterling RoseGale Skiver has donated "from SMH PACU Nurses Sarasota, FL."


Pink Parfait RoseJudi Turner has BOUGHT 4 ROSES "to give thanks to all school nurses in the Sunshine State of Florida and In every State in our great country."


Friendship RoseJoanne Preston has BOUGHT A ROSE "for all school nurses in the world and especially the nurses at the school in Sandy Hook Elementary, USA. God Bless all of you!"


Folklore RoseMary Gene Ryan has BOUGHT A ROSE "for Cheryl Anne Guzinski, BS, RN  my sister."


Sterling RoseCheryl Siegel has BOUGHT 3 ROSES "One rose is to honor myself, 33 years towards a profession that I love. One rose is to honor my Aunt Jane Siegel, also a nurse. One rose is in memory of my grandmother, Annie “Pearl” Siegel, a great example of a nurse who loved her community in Tampa, Fl. I am sure her crown in heaven has many jewels for the love she showed to many." 


Pink Parfait RoseAudrey Aboulafia has BOUGHT A ROSE "for Suzanne Matthews, RN."


Friendship RoseKay Buchanan has BOUGHT A ROSE "dedicated to the volunteer disaster nurses at the Twin Cities Areas Chapter of the American Red Cross, in Minneapolis, MN:  volunteers who selflessly assist people affected by disaster meet their health-related needs."


Folklore RoseAnne Oberg has BOUGHT A ROSE "here's to you Mom, Caroline Goodfriend, for all your years of dedication to nursing, and for being a great Mom!  We love you!  With love, your family."


Sterling RoseKaren Kilian has BOUGHT 1 ROSE "for Joanie, my friend for eons, fighting metastatic breast cancer since 1994, and still working as a Diabetes ARNP at Seattle Children's. She is an inspiration to many people and a wonderfully nice person with a great smile. She is always thinking of others ahead of herself, a truly amazing lady."


Folklore RoseDiane Adams has BOUGHT 4 ROSES and "would like to show appreciation for all the Case Manager RN's at Sharp Chula Vista in Chula Vista CA. Can not single one out they are all fabulous and dedicated to their profession!"


Friendship RoseMichelle Gilmore has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of the nursing profession-thank Flo!"


Pink Parfait RoseHelen Burns has donated "a tribute to Excela Health Nurses-for their achievement, compassion, perseverance, commitment, innovation, skill, knowledge, caring, and courage."


Sterling RoseJoel Strickland has BOUGHT A ROSE "my wife Tina and myself would like to dedicate a rose to Barbara Strickland, a great nurse and an even better mother!"


Folklore RoseLydia Miller, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor herself."


Friendship RoseCorey Lane has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "to celebrate a truly dedicated and loving mother, Caroly Lane, RN, BSN, MS in nursing.  Love you!"


Pink Parfait RoseCharleene Frazier has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of the incredible and outstanding nurses of the UCLA Nursing Class of 1960."


Folklore RoseDebra Thompson has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of Rose L. Hoffman, PhD an outstanding colleague and friend."


Sterling RoseSusan Jacobson has BOUGHT 3 ROSES

"in honor of my mother,Shirley Woodmansee, RN, BSN who's the first nurse in my life.
I'm honoring Lynn Holmes, RN, BSN who's a wonderful nurse and my friend.
And, I'm honoring myself!"


Folklore RoseKatya Chopivsky has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of my Mom, my role model, my hero.  Thanks to you and your exceptional parenting and your wonderful example of what a genuine, caring nurse should be, I am where I am today."


Pink Parfait RoseWarren Fujimori, Student Nurse at Pasadena City College has BOUGHT 2 ROSES

"for professor and RN Nursing Instructor Kathy Cervenka, RN, Teacher, Mentor, and friend! Thank you for your understanding, advocacy, kindness and compassion! You are a very special human being, who lives and sets a great example of how we should be as Nurses! Eternally Grateful and blessed to know you! 1 of your many RN Students!"
"for Janie Parker, RN-You have been a loyal friend-You have seen me through, supported and helped me through thick and thin, some of the bleakest, darkest, most difficult times of my life! My success as long-time survivor of HIV/Full Blown Aids has been in large part do to you, your strength and protection as a friend, colleague, and nurse!" Forever grateful! Surg Tech to RN! Your little Buddy, Warren!"


Friendship RoseJudith Eighmy has BOUGHT 8 ROSES "dedicated to the following nurses:

To the Hospice nurses at Hospice Care of the West in California;
To the Hospice nurses at Cornerstone Hospice in California and Arizona;
To the hospice nurses at Sun Valley Hospice in Phoenix;
For the hospice nurses at Creekside Hospice in Las Vegas;
For the hospice nurses at Rocky Mountain Hospice in Montana;
For the hospice nurses at Legacy Hospice in Idaho;
For the hospice nurses at Hospice of the Sandias in Albuquerque and Clovis;
and all hospice nurses everywhere from Signature Hospice."


Sterling RoseJeanne Hansen has BOUGHT A ROSE "dedicated to the Queen of Angels School of Nursing Class of 1965 (Los Angeles, CA)

Jeanne Hansen Drasco, Mary Helen Chavez Gianini,
Dianne Weisgerber Preston, Linda Maturo Lynch,
Sandra Glenn Barak, Christina Hartman Criona,
Susana Taylor Quinn, Susan Hershey Dunkleburger,
Eileen Kadrmas Kress, Patricia Collier,
Judy Kafura Lewis, Janet Witbeck Griffin,
Susan Geary Lewis, Alexandra Michalski Muchmore,
Jane Naylor Bernardy, Marie Aufderdeide,
Marlene Wolf Baldwin, Judy Wright,
Elizabeth Walsh Levien, Claudia St.Pierre Murphy

In Memory of:
Sharen Fasola Wilkins, Joyce Lamirande Kotcharian,
Jeanne Ponnet Yugar


Folklore RoseCarole Stacy has BOUGHT 2 ROSES to "honor Nora Maloy and Elizabeth Sullivan; neither are nurses but both support nursing projects in Michigan."


Sterling RoseTeresa Callea has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor Kris Callea, RN for 40 years of dedicated service as a Nurse. It's great to have a nurse in the family. Love Mikey, Helen, Teresa, Jim and Fr. Michael."


Friendship RoseSheri Bowell has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "for my NPANA Friends and for my South Sound NPANA Friends."


Pink Parfait RoseAnn Jones has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor the Minnesota Board of Nursing."


Sterling RoseDeborah Matthews has donated to share "I LOVE being a NURSE!  I was born to do this!!!  To all my Pediatric Nurses out there! We ROCK!"


Folklore RoseDeborah Matthews has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor Cheryl L. Hewlett, PhD, MBA, MSN, RN. Dr. Hewlett is an inspiration to all. A leader that we can all look up to and desire to achieve her level of excellence. Dr. Hewlett inspires you to look at Nursing not only as the profession it is to care for others but also to care and grow professionally yourself as a Nurse. A leader that treats everyone with respect and instills that seed in you to grow. This float would not be complete if it did not honor Dr. Hewlett. It is such an honor to work with her!"


Friendship RoseMary Smith has BOUGHT A ROSE "my single rose on the Nurses' Float is meant to represent my gratitude to the entire nursing staff of the NICU and SCN at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth Massachusetts for all their support over the past 6 months. As a team, anything is possible!"


Pink Parfait RoseLisa Rudolph has BOUGHT A ROSE to "honor Angela Williams MS, RN Oklahoma City she is a dedicated stroke nurse working hard to champion the cause of stroke care and stroke prevention. It is an honor to work with her."


Folklore RoseGloria Patterson has BOUGHT 3 ROSES to "honor 3 extraordinary nurses; Pat Butler, RN; Beverly Barber, RN, Janet Smith, RN all surviving breast cancer, yet faithful to direct patient care."


Sterling RoseMaria Acevedo, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of my Daughter Diane Acevedo, RN."


Friendship RoseRose Hudson has donated "in honor of the Blessing Hospital Nursing staff."


Folklore RoseDonna Helm has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of Donna Helm."


Sterling RoseChristine Schroeder has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "in honor of Dolores C. Schroeder and Christine Schroeder."


Pink Parfait RoseDebra Thompson has donated "to honor the Japanese Nurses of the English Society Institute of Japan."


Folklore RoseMelinda Porter, RN, CNS, NNP-BC has BOUGHT 10 ROSES "in honor of the amazing nurses I work with in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Kaiser Permanente, Hayward, CA. These 50 men and women work with the tiniest of patients, and do it daily with grace, skill, love, and a lot of humor. It is an honor to be their Clinical Nurse Specialist!"


Friendship RoseGeorgeann Roeder has donated "I retired this year after working 45 years as an RN. The Rose Parade has always been a part of New Years day for me.  It is wonderful to have nursing recognized in this way!"


Pink Parfait RoseLisa Cherubini Mensch has donated "to honor Lisa Cherubini Mensch MSN, RN; Susan Lindsay RN, Michelle Dropik Rega, MSN, RN and Michele McDonald, MSN, RN. For many years of dedication to the rewarding and exhausting profession of love support and compassion."


Sterling RoseThe Night Shift at Princeton House have BOUGHT A ROSE to"honor the night shift's fearless leader at Princeton House, Theresa Fordyce. Theresa, We are lucky to have you!"


Friendship RoseLorraine Borden has BOUGHT 4 ROSES "to honor myself; Patty Essman, RN a caring nurse and amazing woman. Rita Malhotra, RN a kind gentle loving soul. Lynn Chalk an understadning and compassionate nurse and leader."


Folklore RosePamela Neri has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor Judy Bedard MSN/ED, RN. Judy is a visionary leader, passionate innovator who inspires excellence. As Aristotle said "...Excellence is not an act but a habit."  Judy truly embodies these qualities and inspires her team to embrace the vision and promote and sustain excellence in all aspects of patient care."  With Love from Your Nursing Professional Development Specialists.


Pink Parfait RoseDouglas & Carolyn Larner have BOUGHT 2 ROSES "honoring two people. One is my sister Jakki Sencer, an RN surgical nurse who worked at City of Hope and Huntington Hospital in Pasadena. Due to a back injury she was forced to retire from nursing. We also wish to honor our son Jared Larner, who has earned his CNA and is in the LVN program at a local community college. He is a full time student and works weekends at a senior residential facility."


Sterling RoseKatie Kessler has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "to honor Margie Clark, MSN, RN; Jeanette Klemczak, MSN, RN FAAN."


Patti TaylorPeter Taylor has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "to honor my wife Patti who will be on the float."





Betsy BohuslavskkyJeanne Bohuslavsky has BOUGHT A ROSE  "to honor my daughter
Betsy, RN, BSN, MA who has been a nurse for several years and who inspired me to go back to school and become a nurse. Besty is an RN at Children's Hospital Los Angeles."  


Folklore RosePaula Henry has BOUGHT 6 ROSES "one to honor Kristine Bourgeois R.N. of N. Dartmouth ,Mass; one to honor Joni Gardner R.N. N.P. of Petaluma, Calif; two Roses to honor my nursing classmates Elizabeth Ross R.N. and Lilian Hearns R.N. Congratulations for our 40th Anniversary from Quincy City Hosp. School of Nursing, Quincy , Mass; one to honor 1 Rose my sister-in-law, Shirley Roach Henry R.N. who retired after 42 years at Kaiser Harborcity; and one to honor a soon to be RN, Jim Foley. Welcome to the practice of Nursing."


Friendship RoseEunice Taylor has BOUGHT 2 ROSES to "honor Freida, RN kind, wise, wonderful, and passionate for nursing. Thank you for your many years of caring service. And for Joyce, RN lively, funny, passionate for her colleagues, students, and patients. Wise and loving beyond words!"


Pink Parfait RoseTina Higgins has BOUGHT A ROSE: "we would like to honor our Nurse Executive Janet Harris, MSN, RN, NEA-BC and sincerely thank her for being a daily inspiration to all of us.  Acting as our Academic Medical Center's Interim CEO, she has proven yet again her talents are endless and all things are possible. Janet you are AMAZING.  From Melissa Barthold and Tina Higgins University of Mississippi Medical Center."


Folklore RoseMargaret Nuzzo has BOUGHT A ROSE to "honor Ann Marie Keefer-Lynch, NP National Certification for Family Nurse Practitioners St. Joseph Hopsital, Orange CA."


Sterling RoseJean Nofsinger has BOUGHT 4 ROSES to "honor Marnie McKercher RN, BSN, NCSN, Health Services Coordinator of the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado. To honor Kimberly H. Norris, RN BSN, SN, Health Services Nurse Mentor of the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado. To honor Deborah A. Ellis, RN, BSN, SN Health Services Nurse Mentor of the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado."


Friendship RoseMarilyn Stoner has BOUGHT 5 ROSES to honor

Dorothy Ellis has long been a legend in the Pass Area and Coachella Valley for her many contributions to healthcare, nursing and and philanthropy. She started many nurses on their professional career as chief nursing officer of Desert Regional Medical Center for some years.  She serves as chairwoman of the San Gorgonio Memorial Healthcare District Board of Directors. She is someone you can call on for advice anytime. As coordinator of the annual Relay for Life, she was so successful that the Cancer Society choose the Beaumont event to make a training film for other groups. She also organizes Bosom Buddies the local breast cancer support group.

Dr. Mary Kornguth taught nursing and was politically active for many years in Southern California. While she was teaching at California State University San Bernardino she was the epitome of a mentor to young faculty. She has a wonderful sense of humor and always helped new faculty see the humor in stressful events. Dr. Kornguth cared for the faculty as deeply as she cared for students.

Kathleen Kolcaba, RN, PhD, author of Comfort Theory is an amazing nurse theorist who, even in "retirement" makes herself available to students, faculty and others via all contemporary tools including Facebook, a comprehensive web site and more. Anyone can call her anytime and get assistance with improving patient and family care through the application of Comfort Theory. Dr. Kolcaba gives much of herself to the benefit of all.

Denise Mueller McGough, a friend and role model. She not only raised 2 very gifted daughters, but spent most of her professional life as a dedicated military wife to her husband Don, a pilot in the Air Force. She supported her husband's role in military conflicts all over the world, raised the girls, but she also advanced her education while traveling with her husband and caring for aging parents. She accomplishes a huge amount quietly. In "retirement" she is dedicated to educating adults with diabetes in Oklahoma.

Dr. Jean Nix a colleague at California State University San Bernardino has volunteered to lead the faculty through many transitions in the state higher education system.  She is also a therapist and expert in mental health care. Other talents include a beautiful singing voice and is a dancer,. She is at home on the stage and the university. She is an all round role model for other nurses to show what life long learning looks like. 


Sterling RoseHeather Davis has donated for "my mom, Gail Davis RN, has been a nurse for 35 years and she is the most caring, compassionate, and dedicated nurse I know. She always provides excellent care and strives to show her patients the love of Christ through her work. She is always doing everything for everyone."


Folklore RoseJoAnn Naples, RN, BSN, COHN-S has donated "to recognize Ramona Sowada RN as she retires.  She is the one who taught me as a new nurse and helped make me the nurse I am today. We have worked together at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital in Melrose Park, Illinois for over 30 years. Thank you and Happy Retirement!"


Pink Parfait RoseLinda Fitzgerald, BSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "for my mother, Blanche Mae
, RN, BSN a WSU graduate and still volunteering at 87 years of age. Thank you Mom for setting the high standards for Nursing."


Folklore RoseMelissa Barthold, MSN, RN-BC has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "in honor of faculty at Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing, Loyola University of Chicago-especially Dr.Ida Androwich, Dr. Fran Vlasses, Dr. Meg Gulanick, Dr. Shiela Haas, Dr. Diana Hackbarth, Dr. Peggy Kraft-you all are making it possible."


Sterling RoseLaurence Ward, JD has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of his mother Nancy Ward, RN."


Friendship RoseRose Van Meeveren, RN, BSN, MEd, NCSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "for the Long Beach Unified School Nurses. THANK YOU for all your hard work with the children of Long Beach!!!!"


Pink Parfait RoseDarice Hawkins, RN, MN, CNS has donated "to honor my sister, Lynne Streeker, A FABULOUS NURSE!"


Friendship RoseSemion "Alon" Becker, JD from Roze Hospice has BOUGHT 16 ROSES to honor the following nurses.

Josefa AzcuetaJosefa Azcueta, RN, CHPN – A rare nurse who is not only hardworking, knowledgeable and caring, but is a great leader and patient advocate who has dedicated her life to relieving the pain of those who suffer life limiting illnesses. Roze Room Hospice salutes you! You are a special rose!    


Lorene BrameLorene Brame, RN. BSN -  A tenacious leader and advocate for patients and her staff. A unique leader who seeks improvement in patient and family care. Roze Room Hospice salutes you! You are a special rose!


Renee JamesRenee Nora James, RN  -- As Director of Patient Care Services, Renee does what is takes to make sure patients and families receive the best possible care. Roze Room Hospice salutes you! You are a special rose!


Diana DeGuzmanDiana DeGuzman, RN, BSN – A tireless and compassionate nurse, whose calm and reassuring demeanor has won her the admiration and respect of her colleagues.  Roze Room Hospice salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Kathleen OverlandKathleen Overland, RN, CHPN – A compassionate and caring nurse and Director of Patient Care Services whose goal is to assure that patients and families get the best care.  Kathy is respected and admired by her staff for her care for patients, families and staff alike.  Roze Room Hospice of the Valley salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Frauenkirche OlaliaFrauenkirche “Chiqui” Olalia, RN  -  A knowledgeable and respected team leader, whose nursing skills, management style and demeanor has won the respect of staff, colleagues and patients.  A great asset to the nursing profession.  Roze Room Hospice of the Valley salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Michelle WhitcombMichelle Whitcomb, RN  -- A nurse with a wealth of knowledge who strives every day to improve the quality of care for patients and families  Roze Room Hospice salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Christina DavezanChristina Davezan, RN -  Christina leads a team of multi-disciplinary professionals to assure that patients are provided with high quality palliative care.  Roze Room Hospice of the Valley salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Betty GriffinBetty Griffin, RN, BSN – A caring and experienced nurse, Betty is liked and respected by patients, families and staff.  She leads a hospice team of multi-disciplinary professionals, to assure that terminally ill patients remain at home while surrounded by family and friends.  Roze Room Hospice of Ventura salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Teresa MountainTeresa Mountain, RN – An experienced nurse who has worked in many healthcare settings.  Teresa leads two hospice programs and assures on a daily basis that her patients and families receive the best care.  Roze Room Hospice of San Gabriel Valley and South Bay salute you! You are a special rose!


Ramona AlfredRamona Alfred, RN, BA, MA -  A rare and unique nurse whose goal is to provide excellent care to patients and families.  A leader in her industry and a role model to staff and nurses.  Roze Room Hospice salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Margarita BarkerMargarita “Margie” Barker, RN  -  A special nurse whose compassion, love and care for patients and families knows no bounds.  Margie is simply loved by patients, families and staff.  The nursing professional is proud of you.  Roze Room Hospice of San Gabriel Valley salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Susan ZanderSusan Zander, RN, CHPN  -  Susan has worked diligently, consistently and with great determination to provide high quality hospice care, making sure her patients and families are served with dignity and compassion.  Roze Room Hospice of Ventura salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Nan BooranasompholNantachit"Nan" Booranasomphol, LVN  -- An incredibly caring, passionate and loving nurse.  She is a joy to work with and is respected by her colleagues and families.  A role model for the nursing profession.  Roze Room Hospice of the Valley salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Elizabeth MarinElizabeth America” Marin, LVN  -- A nurse whose focus and care of her patients is limitless.  America, as she is known to all makes the nursing profession proud and provides top quality care to every patient she serves.   Roze Room Hospice salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Elisa BellElisa Bell, LVN -  Elisa works tirelessly to coordinate care for patients, to make sure patients are comforted when the need is greatest.  Roze Room Hospice salutes you!  You are a special rose!


Folklore RoseJosefa Azcuenta, RN has donated "in honor of all the dedicated and compassionate nurses of Roze Room Hospice. Never underestimate the impact of the care that you give to our hospice patients and families. You are Roze Room!"


Sterling RoseCindy McGee, MSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of the Dedicated Nurses at the Kenneth H. McKay, M.D. Center for Breast Health in Davenport, Iowa."


Friendship RosePaul Weisbrich, SRN (son of RN) has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of Sister Mechtilde Gerber, RN AKA \"White Lightning\" @ Daniel Freeman Medical Center. A practicing Nurse for well over 60 years, born in Mexico DF, schooled in Europe & US, Fluent in 5 languages and respected by all."


Folklore RoseLela Choate has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of Gina Selman who is the kindest most special person I have met. She treats every patient as if they were a family member and also makes sure the patients family is taken care of as well. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Gina taking care of them in the O.R. is very blessed and in the best hands possible."


Sterling RoseCheryl Rice, RN has BOUGHT 8 ROSES "to honor her dedicated nurse managers:

Jackie Barton,
Jodi Kelley,
Karli Caruso,
Latonia Green,
Mary McMahon,
Tara Anthony,
Pamela Smith,
& Valerie Burkey



Folklore RosePatti Roject, RN BSN, NCSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "for Kathy Kaye."


Sterling RoseNancy Pescinski, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "for all past, present nurses MBU-Lehigh Valley Health Network."


Pink Parfait RoseMartha Miller, RN, BSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "dedicated to all the nurses at Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Beckley, WV 25801."


Friendship RoseMaureen Gaffney, RN, MN, CPHQ has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "one for a dear nursing colleague, Donna Dugger, and one for my 50 Active Years in Nursing."


Folklore RoseShannon McFarlin, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of my co-workers at Pulaski Central health Unit; Mary Manriquez, RN, Zandra Crump, RN, Ann Lyp, RNP, Shannon McCalister, Lab, Brian Barnes, RN, Hagar Sams, RN. These Ladies and Gentleman are an excellent group to work with. Providing quality nursing care on a daily basis through service in public health. We are here because we love nursing and our patients. This is the most rewarding career in the world."


Martha Laychak HeidenwolfDiane Beauchner has BOUGHT A ROSE  "to honor her mother Martha Laychak Heidenwolf who graduated from Sacred Heart School of Nursing in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1955. She worked in the Emergency Room of Sacred Heart Hospital for several years before moving to Camp Hill where she continued her nursing career at Holy Spirit Hospital and then as a recovery room nurse for an oral surgeon. Through all these years she has been her family's "go to" nurse for curing all of our aches and pains with her common sense knowledge and homeopathic approach to nursing. Her daughter, Susan, followed in her footsteps and graduated from Sacred Heart School of Nursing and works as a nurse manager at St. Clare's Hospital in Denville, New Jersey.


Sterling RoseDarice Hawkins, RN, MN, CNS has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor my sister, Lynne Streeker, A FABULOUS NURSE!"


Friendship RoseKatie Keesler, MSN, RN has BOUGHT 3 ROSES to "honor the lineage of nurses in my family Anne Rademacher, Phyllis Lyons, Mayrose Heffernan."


Folklore RoseMary Dunn, RN, MSN, NP, OCN has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor two amazing nurses, my mother, Patricia Weinstein, and my mother-in-law Sheree Dunn.


Pink Parfait RoseBarb Juliano has BOUGHT A ROSE. "the nurses on the Rehab Unit of Beaumont Health Care System, Royal Oak, collected this money."


Sterling RoseCynthia McClain, RN, BSN, MHA has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "in honor of Diane F. Ford, RN whose faith is endless and Cynthia Adams-McClain who is wise enough to emulate her."


Friendship RosePhoebe R. Montgomery, RN, MSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of the outstanding and most dedicated nurses at the H. Claude Hudson Comprehensive Health Care Center, Los Angeles


Folklore RoseMike & Suzie Vermillion have BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of our daughter, Jami Nicole Johnson BSN, RN the next generation of Nurses."


Sterling RoseMr. Fernandez-Hernandez has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor my wife Brenda Fernandez-Hernandez, RN, she is a new med-surg nurse and I am very proud of her!"


Friendship RoseTheresa Fordyce, MSN, RN has donated "to thank the 11-7 Nurses at Princeton House Behavioral HealthCare Services."


Folklore RoseJudy Honeck, BSW has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "for Lindy Novotny and every caring CCU Nurse, especially those at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation."


Sterling RoseChristopher Kusy, RN, BSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor Pat Padilla a nurse manager over an oncology and orthopedic unit."

My name is Christopher Kusy and I am a nurse manager at a community hospital in Illinois. I would like to recognize a more than outstanding nurse. Her name is Pat Padilla and she is the manager of our oncology and orthopedic unit. I am a relatively new manager with almost two years of experience. In that time I have learned much from my other fellow managers, but Pat I think stands out the most. In my years as a staff nurse before management, I knew Pat pretty well. It wasn't until I was chosen for my current position that I saw it all come together. What I mean by coming together is that Pat is truly someone that lights up the room. Pat exhibits more qualities and demeanors than any other nurse manager leader that I have ever seen. She not only connects with her patients but becomes a part of what happens to them. I can only imagine if I were a patient how truly blessed I would be to have such a great and kind person in my room rounding on me and asking me how my day was. There are many different things which can turn situations into a negative view, but I have never encountered a nurse that handles situations with more grace and fortitude. Pat stands out above many others because of her long experience as a nurse, but more than that embodies what nursing was is currently, and what will be for centuries to come. I am forever grateful for having known Pat and I would stand side by side with her any day.


Pink Parfait RoseKatherine Bolme, RN, ONC has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor Charla Johnson, RN Chairman of the Orthopaedic Nurse Certification Board


Folklore RoseKathryn Casey, BSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "I love being a nurse in the Special Care Nursery I work on. All of my little patients always have a very special place in my heart."


Sterling RoseRobert O. Nutting, MD has donated "to honor my wife of 36 years Linda Nutting, RN, MFT


Friendship RoseRayla Nolen, RN has BOUGHT 3 ROSES to honor Pat Maloney, RN; Mary Henry, RN; and Kathy Hood, RN for their many years of service at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California."

Folklore RoseKathy Tilman, BSN, RN, OCN has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor oncology nurses everywhere!!"


Sterling RoseRobin Grubbs,MSN, RNC has BOUGHT 3 ROSES to "honor Betsy Mulvaney, BSN, RNC; Lisa Downs MSN, RN, Hope Brown, MSN, RN for their dedication to the nursing profession and compassionate care of their patients."


Barbara Dare Meredith, RNGordon Meredith & Marsha Ratliff have BOUGHT A ROSE to "honor Barbara Dare Meredith, RN who served as a nurse & nursing instructor in Giles County, VA for more than 25 years."



Friendship RoseSarah Kevin has BOUGHT 4 ROSES to honor "Barbara Odin, Jessica Quentin, Teresa Kevin, Judi Wilson."


Sterling RoseDebra Thompson, RN has BOUGHT 6 ROSES to honor:

Leslie A. Hoffman, PhD, RN, FAAN A mentor who assisted me on my journey to become a better scholar and researcher

Theresa L. Carroll, PhD, RN, an excellent mentor and friend who encouraged me to go further in the profession than I ever thought I would go

Nancy Simpson CRNA, RN a good friend and colleague who has been there from the beginning

Michelle Janney PhD, RN, NEA-BC a true leader, a developer of people who is always inspirational

Phyllis Strupp RN My aunt who through her insight and wise counsel propelled me to a wonderful career

Charlotte Bennett, MSN, RN , a true leader who leaves an organizational hole when she is not there. Her support, insight and guidance are invaluable


Pink Parfait RosePhyiis R. Wachenheim, RN has donated to the Nurses' Float "celebrating the first Rose Parade float honoring the professional calling of nursing services."


Friendship RoseSusan Duchman, RN has BOUGHT 4 ROSES "in honor of the nurses of Susquehana Health who dedicate themselves to the Life's Work of Caring."


Folklore RoseLynn D'Angelo, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "honoring the Pediatric Nurses at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth, MA for their hard work, dedication, commitment, and compassionate care they deliver everyday to patients and their families. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children."


Sterling RoseGlenda Daum, LPN has donated to the Nurses' Float "I am a 'late bloomer'. To make my life more fullfilling, I went to nursing school and graduated as an LPN, at the age of 58. I especially want to thank Darleen Ward, sister-in-law of Suzanne Ward, for encouraging me. Thanks to all."


Pink Parfait RoseJaime Baetz, RN has BOUGHT 4 ROSES and says the following, "Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for us to reach the heights of our capabilities without it. The Cardiac Cath Lab staff at Saint Clare's Hospital in Denville, NJ works collectively as a team everyday to achieve high quality care."


Friendship RoseKathleen Woods, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "I have been a registered nurse for 30 years in ICU, Management and Informatics. I was a traveling nurse for many years and have always been proud of my profession and worked to improve and inform my practice."


Sterling RoseDenise, Dahl, RN CCM has BOUGHT 10 ROSES "in honor of the Nurse Case Management team from Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, who work hard each day to provide the best care for the Heroes of our nation and their loved ones. UHRAH! "


Pink Parfait RoseNoel Norris, RN has BOUGHT 2 ROSES:

"honoring my friend Audrey Bergt for her dedication, expertise, and being a wonderful nurse."
"honoring my friend Sheila Duggan for her dedication, expertise and being a fabulous nurse."


Sterling RoseChristine Carsten has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor the Education Council at MacNeal Hospital. They are teachers on their units, advocates for the patients, and much like the postman, neither, wind, rain, or SNOW keep them from working together. It is a privilege to be a part of this."


Folklore RoseBecky Rubio, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of the awesome nurses of the MacNeal Pain Center."


Friendship RoseJoyce Estes has BOUGHT A ROSE "I would like to honor the nursing Faculty at Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, NC. These nurses are among the best in the country. Not only do they practice safe, compassionate care that is quality driven, but they share their knowledge with students from all over the Western Carolinas region. Their dedication to the students but more importantly, the nursing profession touches people all over. I am proud to be a member of this dynamic group of nurses and educators."

Brenda Steep-Department Head
Judy Flowers
Benita Beard
Eleanor Bloomfield
Robin Caldwell
Pam Pinkerton
Sharon Jimison
Joyce Estes


Pink Parfait RoseLobel Lurie, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE: "my way of Caring for my Co-workers in Staff Education at Cone Health, Greensboro, NC, for making way in making Cone Health become Top 10% hospital in the nation for Exceptional Care."


Folklore RoseSuzie Burke-Bebee, DNP, RN has BOUGHT 6 ROSES to honor those colleagues who supported her completion of her DNP. They are:

Alicia MortonAlicia Morton is a wonderful person, a great nursing informatics leader and BFF. Thanks, Alicia, for your mentoring and friendship through our doctoral journey!


Marisa WilsonMarisa Wilson is a great person, distinguished nursing informatics leader and a remarkable professor. Thanks, Marisa, for your patience and steady guidance through my doctoral journey as I would not have made it without you.


Kathy BuckleyKathy Buckley is a great person, caring nurse and a fantastic professor.  Thanks, Kathy, for your leadership through my doctoral journey as I would not have made it without you.


Meg JohantgenMeg Johantgen is a great person and phenomenal professor. Thanks, Meg, for your patience and real-world guidance through my doctoral journey as I would not have made it without you.


Sterling RoseBeverly Owens is a great person and extraordinary mentor and nurse educator. Thanks, Bev, for your steady guidance through my doctoral journey as I would not have made it without you.


Janet AllanJanet Allan is a great person and a magnificent nursing leader. I am honored and thankful to have been under your tenure as Dean at UMB through my doctoral journey.


Mary Ann PengielChristine Carsten, RN BOUGHT A ROSE for Mary Ann Pengiel, RN. "Mary Ann you are an amazing nurse and a caring person." If you would like to learn more about Mary Ann please read what was written for her nomination for a leadership award.


Sterling RoseCatherine Farnham, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of my own nursing career, and those of my mentors: Rose Baker, RN, Esther Good, PHN, and Muree Reafs, PHN. Public Health rocks!"

Pink Parfait RoseMary Harris, RN has donated to the Nurses' Float 'in honor of the MICU at The Methodist Hospital, Texas Medical Center."


Laura BarmoreAnnette Mach has Bought A Rose "to honor her daughter Laura Barmore RN for her 32 years of dedication and loving care of those in need."


Folklore RoseSandra De Los Rios BOUGHT 2 ROSES "to honor my nieces Natalie Lauren Reveles-Virrueta RN, BSN and Melina Nava, RN BSN they are the heart of nursing!!!!"

Sterling RoseCandy Burton, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in honor of Pauline Mehlhaff."


Pink Parfait RoseMary Catheryine Collins, RN BOUGHT A ROSE "dedicated to Catherine E. Brennan, Mary C. Collins and Thomas B. Collins."


Folklore RoseSusan Ramirez, RN has BOUGHT A ROSE for "The Nursing leadership team at the Bellevue Hospital, Bellevue, Ohio, wishes to honor and celebrate the nursing career of Janet Runner, RN, MSN, Vice President Patient Care Services. A career served with integrity and a commitment to excellence!"


Kim S. HtichingsDiane Beauchner and Patricia Hoak, RN have BOUGHT A ROSE to honor Kim S. Hitchings, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Office Manager of the Center for Professional Excellence at Lehigh Valley Health Network Allentown, Pennsylvania.

"Ms. Hitchings was awarded a diploma from the Reading Hospital School of Nursing Reading, PA, a baccalaureate degree in nursing from Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA, and masters degree in nursing administration from Villanova University, Villanova, PA. She is board certified as a nurse executive, advanced by The American Nurses Credentialing Center (NEA-BC). Ms Hitchings has been a professional nurse for 34 years and during that time has been a medical surgical and critical care staff nurse, clinical educator, nursing education director, consultant in staff development, and manager for professional development and outcome studies."


Sue WeaverDiane Beauchner and Terese Heidenwolf have BOUGHT A ROSE to "honor Sue Heidenwolf Weaver MSN, RN, CRNI, NEA-BC, an education specialist/shift administrator at Saint Clare's Health System, Denville, N.J."


Pink Parfait RoseAngie Strawn has BOUGHT ROSES to honor Pam Fuller,Marilyn Klakovich, Carol Bauer, Antoinette Dziedzic, Sandra Wise, and Alison Collins - "Each of these nurses has been a nurse leader with the Omicron Delta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, University of Phoenix for over 10 years. As chapter president, I wished to honor them."

Friendship RoseKim Portman has BOUGHT 4 ROSES and shares, "In Celebration of the 3 new nurses in our family: Megan Burgers, Whitney Portman and Krystal Fosse. May the years to come give you many opportunities to help others in need. You are each wonderful, caring and compassionate people. I am so proud of you."


Jean KiserDebbie Kiser has donated and says "Congratulation to Jean Kiser, RN (LA County General Hospital) on her recent retirement (John C. Fremont Hospital, Mariposa, CA) after 52 years of nursing!"


Sterling RoseBonnie Faherty, PhD, APRN-BC (ret) has Bought A Rose "in honor of Dr. Martha Highfield who has been an inspiration and role model to her colleagues, students and patients for her entire life including her many years as an oncology nurse."


Pink Parfait RoseMaryann Kachur has Bought A Rose "in honor of hospice nurses everywhere."


Folklore RoseMarilyn Oblanca, RN has BOUGHT TWO ROSES "These roses are dedicated to all the hardworking, energetic, dependable, responsible, reliable, efficient, cooperative, loyal, honest and enthusiastic nurses at the Medical Practice Clinic in San Francisco VA Medical Center."


Friendship RoseNancy Elliott has Bought A Rose and would like to "honor her coworkers/nurses on the Medical-Surgical unit at the Lebanon Veterans Medical Center, Lebanon, PA."


Sterling RoseJoyce Wolff has Bought A Rose in honor of Maureen Latham, who will be riding on the Nurses' Float. "She was born to be a caregiver. Her many patients and students are grateful that she chose nursing."


Pink Parfait RoseMary E. Brady, LPN donated in "honor of all the RNs and LPNs in Polk County,


Folklore RosePaul Wafer has bought a ROSE to honor his wife of 32 years, Kathy Wafer, RN. "We met on the first day of nursing school and have been together ever since!"


Friendship RoseValerie Gordon has donated in appreciation of Division of Urology at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.


Sterling RoseMary Ellen Kenworthey has made a donation in recognition of herself as an RNP and her sister Jean. Both are graduates of University of Pennsylvania and they are continuing their parents' legacy. Jean was the first doctorate in the family and Mary Ellen was the first full time nurse practitioner at the Apache County Health Department in rural Arizona.


Pink Parfait RoseGabrielle Tierney has donated "in honor of my mother, Denny Wilmot and her best friend Pat Spongberg!"


Folklore RoseDonna Caswell, made a donation to honor Gloria E. Pasqual R.N. Bristol, Rhode Island "for your hand, for believing I was worth your time, for giving me my one true thing to hang on to....33 years and counting" ....Donna.


Friendship RoseDr. Diana Meyer has donated in honor of the wonderful nursing leadership team at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center.  


Sterling RoseKatie Lenihan and the Executive Committee of Elk Grove's Every 15 (E-15-M) have donated in recognition of Roxanne Woods, RN (retired Trauma Coordinator from UC Davis Medical Center) for her tireless work and outstanding contributions towards all the programs in the Sacramento Valley, but mostly her hard work, dedication, camaraderie and sense of humor to Elk Grove's Programs.


Pink Parfait RoseDebra Van Toor, RN would like to recognize Diana Belperio, Debra Van Toor, Robbie Torres, Myra kiger, Teresa Brennan-Smith, Traci Powers, Carol Baxter, Maggie Falzone, YingYing Ingles, Noreen Beam, Michelle Wasserlauf, Vicki Bostic, Linda Cooke, Kathy Green, Cassie Smith, Kelly Thompson, Stephanie


Folklore RoseAstrid Michalak says, "I work with a great team of nurse auditors at United Health Care Community & State."


Friendship RoseNorma Jean Lapoint is recognizing Colleen Steele, RN. "I admire her commitment, dedication, extensive work time, integrity and leadership, to ensure that the elder we serve receive the best quality services we can provide.  She has a masters degree in Nursing and her strong clinical skills and insight is beneficial in her role as our administrator. Great at problem solving, determining root cause and if necessary, will choose the hard road, if it is the right thing to do. I would like to honor Colleen and express my appreciation for all she does."


Sterling RoseArlene Meadows has donated to honor her brother and cousin and she says, "Thank you to my brother and cousin for all you do to help people get better."


Pink Parfait RoseKatie Lenihan has donated in honor of Patricia L. McFarland, MS, RN, FAAN for being a Champion for Nursing; A Cheerleader for Nursing Students; Advocate for the patients, and the best sister ever. Happy Nurses Day.


Folklore RoseColleen Leners has donated in recognition of Ms. Jennifer Town (CAPT Retired) with her tireless work for the Wounded Warriors and Sigma Theta Tau International Zeta Mu Chapter at large promoting Nursing Leadership in San Diego.


Friendship RoseEllen Fong has donated in honor of Linda Di Stefano Program Director for the Greater Long Beach Orange County Chapter of AACN.  Ellen wants to recognize and thank Linda for the fabulous job she has done to ensure that member of GLBOC enjoy excellent monthly programs.


Sterling RoseMarie Esch-Radtke, MN, RN made a donation on behalf of the Nursing Program at Highline Community College in Des Moines, WA


Pink Parfait RoseJiyoung Kim, RN  recognizes all the hardworking, dedicated and compassionate nurses on the 4th floor of Kaiser Permanente, Baldwin Park, California


Folklore RoseIrlene Larson has made a donation in recognition of the outstanding team at Senior Behavioral Health Sartori Memorial Hospital Cedar Falls, Iowa.


Friendship RoseJean Kiser honors Deborah Kiser who celebrates 25 years of nursing in 2012!


Sterling RoseJanet Poitras honors her mother, Edie Range, who is a nurse too.


Pink Parfait RoseKathy Whitehouse, RN, MSN-ED recognizes the outstanding team of Labor & Delivery nurses at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, CA


Folklore RoseAmy Hath has made a donation in honor of Gayle Sarlatte, RN and her Godmother Barbara Thomas.


Friendship Rose"In honor of the dedicated and professional Management Team at the Motion Picture & Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, California."
--Susan Poprock, RN, JD


Sterling RoseJean Anderson, DNP, NP, ANP-BC  Boise State University
"This is in honor of the Bosie State University School of Nursing, the nurses who are in my family, and myself."


Pink Parfait RoseBillie Fernsbener, RN , MSN Retired CNS  Honors the Bare Root Board of Directors.
"I am sending love, wonderful Christmas, and an unforgettable New Year."


Folklore Rose Willi Ellison from Las Vegas is honoring nurse Fern Carness



Folklore RoseHyeok "Kate" Park, RN
Alpha Consulting Group has donated in the name of Kate Park RN.


Sterling RoseNorma Gabrieles-Keating is honoring Joyce Forbes, RN.  "This is a donation in the name of Joyce Forbes, one of the best nurses I had the pleasure of working with."


Pink Parfait Rose In honor of the nurse friends and co-workers of Pam Manion


Folklore Rose Sara McMannus, RN recognizes the dedicated, excellent nurses working at Trinity Regional Hospital in Fort Dodge, Iowa.


Friendship RoseRandy Bauler recognizes the nurses at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, California who cared for him during heart alert work.


Pink Parfait RoseIn Honor of Kathrine M. Ware, RN NP, a nurse practitioner at UC Davis by her father Wilfred H. Long II.


Sterling RoseEmma Lorraine Wilson

"I make my donation in honor of my grandmother, Emma Lorraine Wilson, who inspired me to be a nurse. Today, she suffers from dementia, but squeezes my hand so tightly when I speak to her about nursing."

Emma is honored by donor Rhonda Bergstrom, RN, TNS, PhRN.


Pink Parfait RoseAndrea Morris, RN

" Andrea is a wonderful nurse and friend. She promotes the profession in everything she does. Her dedication to nursing is awesome."

Andrea is honored by donor Donna Brennan Ph.D., MSN, RN Clinical Nurse Specialist, Pediatrics Citrus Valley Health Partners/ Queen of the Valley Campus.

Andrea is also being honored by her brother Robert B. Morris III.


Monica WeisbrichMonica Weisbrich, RN, BSN

Cynthia Spry has donated to the Nurses' Float in honor of Monica Weisbrich.  "In honor of Monica Weisbrich who is instrumental in making the float happen."

Suzanne WardSuzanne Ward, RN, MN, MA, CNOR

Cynthia Spry has donated to the Nurses' Float in honor of Suzanne Ward.  "In honor of Suzanne Ward who is instrumental in making the float a reality."

Monica and Suzanne are also being honored by Pat Patterson from Denver. Pat gave a significant donation to the Nurses' Float in recognition of all the support Monica and Suzanne gave to her during a serious health challenge.


In Memoriam

Gloria MarcelloMelissa Babin donated in honor of Gloria Marcello.




Folklore RoseEileen Chandler, RN, BSHA has BOUGHT A ROSE "for the best hospice nurse who battled cancer: Ruth Ann Swint."


Friendship RoseMelissa Babin has BOUGHT A ROSE "to honor Gloria Daigle Marcello RN, nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Our family would like to dedicate a rose in memory of the woman who taught us the true meaning of love, caring, and commitment. My grandmother inspired me to become a nurse and to want to take care of others in the way I watched her care for her patients, family, and friends. She has guided us all to be strong, independent, and loyal never letting us forget that God is our guide and strength. But, Granny was always our strength, even when she could no longer speak to us. Gloria Daigle Marcello was the true meaning of love, strength, caring, wisdom, and the beauty that is the true meaning of a nurse."


Pink Parfait RoseLinda Housden has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "in memory of Emma Lorraine Hinderliter Jones, R.N. and Rev. Margaret Gaulkner, PhD President/CEO United Christian Services/IFPCC.


Sterling RoseLinda Frame has BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of Arlene-we love you and miss you. TLHFCKOCTBCR!"


Pat MaloneyLTC Thomas A. Maloney has donated "in memory of my beautiful and loving wife Pat who I love, and as her six children and eight Grand Children know her. May she rest in peace."




Friendship RoseKrisanne Kremer has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "in rememberance of Leila Wasson, RN and Suzanne Roddy, RN mentors, colleagues and two very special nurses I miss."


Pink Parfait RoseDianne Wash has BOUGHT A ROSE "for Rella Barwick."


Denise MobleyDiane Barkas has BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of Denise Mobley RN at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, MICU. "A butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam. And a brief moment its glory and beauty belong to our world. But then it flies on again, and though we wish it could have stayed, we feel so lucky to have seen it."


Mary Louise Mall WiessSusan Cook has BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of our Mom, Mary Louise Mall Wiess, RN, St. Vincent's College of Nursing, Class of 1955





Folklore RoseLaura Mitchell has BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of my Mother who was a nurse for 40 years. She loved roses and passed away from cancer on January 1, 2006."


Friendship RoseGayle De Leon has BOUGHT A ROSE "dedicating this rose to my sister Gina Maningo, who was the most loving NICU nurse...and who sadly, passed away this past October from malignant melanoma. She was 45 years old."


Folklore RoseRose Hudson has donated "in memory of Consetta Rose Immegart, RN; in memory of Sr. Cornelia Immegart, RN; in memory of Donnie Webber, RN."


Janet AshbyWanda Goranson has BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of Janet Ashby a great nurse and friend."





Pam RumboldFrances Brown has donated "for my sister Pam, who is missed."





Friendship RoseTrissa Lee, RN, MSN has BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of Dot Hendon RN, a loving, compassionate person as well as the best nurse ever. You left us too soon."


Mary SMithNancy Williams, RN, BSN has BOUGHT 1 ROSE "in memory of my mother Mary L. Smith, RN."





Sterling RoseDiana L Smith, BSA, RN, CGRN has BOUGHT 1 ROSE "this rose is dedicated to our daughter, Jennifer who died of cholangiocarcinoma."


Folklore RoseRayla Nolen, RN has BOUGHT 2 ROSES "to honor Gayelynn Miller, RN, MSN. Critical Care Educator, mentor, friend, and sister. You left us too early."


Barbara CastroRichard Castro has BOUGHT 4 ROSES in honor of Barbara, "we love you and we think of you all the time. You will live in our hearts forever! Richard, Robbie, Sophia, and your Ricardo."

"Barbara loved the Rose Parade and we went to it every year; perhaps 35 consecutive times, and we had our favorite spot 'reserved' for watching it on Orange Grove right by the start. I will be at the Parade for sure as will my boys and sons with wives and Sophia our granddaughter. Our tradition of attending the parade continues and we will be very proud when the Nurse's Float parades by."


Sterling RoseGwen Johnson has donated "in memory of Lois Zumberge, RN a dear Orange County Philharmonic colleague and friend."


Folklore RoseLeigh Ann Reynolds, RN has donated in honor of her mother-in-law Margaretta Salata Reynolds May 5, 1920-November 6, 1988.

"Margaretta Salata Reynolds was born in Duquesne, Pennsylvania. Her nursing career began at Homestead Hospital in Homestead, Pennsylvania where she completed her RN training in 1940. She volunteered for military service in 1941 and served in the U.S. Army as a trauma nurse in North Africa and Europe. Following World War II, she attended Auburn University and obtained a B.S. Degree in 1949. She moved to Johnson City, Tennessee in 1949 and worked as a charge nurse at the Veteran's Administration Hospital. She stopped working full time in 1954 in order to spend more time with her husband and children. She continued to provide private duty nursing services until 1976."


Barbara CastroThe Gastroenterology Department of Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA has BOUGHT 12 ROSES in honor of Barbara Castro.

"In memory of Barbara Castro a dedicated, hard working nurse. Born in Chemnitz Germany March 16, 1943, Barbara developed her tenacity, growing up during the Second World War. In 1965 she fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse graduating from The Los Angles County General Hospital. Thankfully, for us the staff, she made her way to Huntington Memorial Hospital in 1969. Once at Huntington, she worked many departments: orthopedics, float pool, and for the last 10 years she worked in the Gastroenterology department. She received many long-term service awards. For three and a half decades she served and cared for the Pasadena community with strength, compassion, dedication and a love for nursing. In 2010 Barbara was diagnosed with ALS and retired. Her locker was filled with every note ever written of appreciation sent from co-workers and more importantly grateful patients. Barbara was a wonderful nurse, mentor, and friend. There is not a day that goes by that we don’t miss her."

Friendship RoseLast Frontier Chapter #0201 of AORN has donated "in memory of Mary Fisher and Nancy Ferrell recognizing all they did for the Chapter."


Folklore RoseCatherine Farnham, RN has donated in memory of her sister Patricia Rose.


Sterling RoseJayme Wiggins & Samantha Formica BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of Sofia Isabella Dente and Team Sofie Chapter 2."


Friendship RoseDenise Doss has BOUGHT A ROSE "in memory of Sue Bryant CNM."


Folklore RosePat Culver has donated in the memory of Mary Nalbandian, RN, BSN.


Sterling RoseAnn Rocha has Bought A Rose "in honor of Christine Byrne, RN who died of breast cancer at the age of 47. What a loss of a wonderful friend and nurse."


Folklore RoseRuth Young, RN, BSN, MPH has donated in the memory of four classmates: Diane Coffindafer Churka, Gail Miller Martin, Nancy Manka Fisher, and Thea Westerhout Martin.


Lynn Hajek RN, MSNKathy Hayden has donated in the memory of Lynn Hajek RN, MSN


Folklore RoseMary Ellen Kenworthey has made a donation in memory of her mother, Josephine M. Merva RN, Philadelphia General Hospital Class of 1947.


Sterling RoseIn memory of Diane Coffindafer Churka, Gail Miller Martin, Nancy Manka Fisher and Thea Westerhout Martin.

The Oakland Highland School of Nursing honors graduates of 1960 that have departed too early in life. Our class of the remaining 30 will remember you fondly. Hopefully someday we will have a cure for Lou Gehrig's disease and cancer.

Diane Coffindafer ChurkaDiane Coffindafer Churka


Gail Miller MartinGail Miller Martin


Nancy Manka Fisher Nancy Manka Fisher


Thea Westerhout Martin Thea Westerhout Martin


Friendship RoseCristiane Napolitan, RN has donated in honor of Helen Granito, RN



Sterling RoseThe Association of periOperative Nurses Las Vegas Chapter has donated in memory of Arlene Gilbert, RN-nurse, mentor, and friend~~commemorating 50 years of nursing. Learn more about Arlene Gilbert.


Mary EvansAlison Price Leach has donated "in loving memory of my mother, Mary Evans, the best nurse ever!"


Folklore RoseSharon Kulkaski has donated in honor of Kitty McGarrey, an RN who was a kind and compassionate person as well as the epitome of what a nurse should be. She passed on her skills to many of us and will live in our hearts forever!


Pink Parfait RoseIn Memoriam for LACGH Class of 1960 classmates Joyce Ann Burt Wightman & Pat Preschepo Cox.


Folklore RoseBelinda Franklin RN, BSN

Belinda was a member of the Greater Long Beach Orange County AACN Chapter. They have made a donation to F4TF in Belinda's name.

Belinda graduated from El Camino College with an AA degree in Nursing in 1984. She returned to Loma Linda University a few years later and obtained her BSN. She was thinking about returning to school for her MSN.

Belinda had one daughter—Danielle, who just graduated from high school and turned 18.

Belinda has worked at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital for the past 8 years, starting as a staff nurse, and then a Charge Nurse. Prior to Fountain Valley she worked at White Memorial.

One of her colleagues said, “I know she wouldn't want a fuss being made over her, but I would like people to remember her for her smile!”

Belinda's service was Friday, Sept. 2, 2011. It was a very nice service and very uplifting. A large number of Fountain Valley employees attended from various departments which was very nice.


Folklore RoseInez Tenzer

Inez is being honor by Leigh Ann Reynolds, RN in appreciation for her mentorship.


Sterling RoseSophia Best Walford

Sophia is being honored by her sister Cynthia Pompey, RN. Sophia was a certified nurses aide in process of returning to school to become an LVN. Her dream was cut short. Her sister says about Sophia "She learned sign language to communicate with her deaf clients and her favorite challenge was taking care of clients with Down's Syndrome. She was a very special lady. Her patience was golden ......She would have been a wonderful, caring and compassionate nurse."